Church Santa Maria del Popolo


Today’s church was built after the earthquake of 1980. The first stone placed to begin the work had been taken from the building completely destroyed by the earthquake original to give a sense of continuity of the cult. Inside it is preserved the works saved from the rubble. These include a splendid framework of wood in 1568 depicting the Last Supper of the Lord; Majesty, or the Madonna and child. the Immaculate Conception, attributed to an anonymous mannerist; a painting depicting the scene of the Offer of the Child Jesus, known as the Purification table. Another work worthy of nomination is The Madonna and the saints of the second half of the eighteenth, in the same period the Madonna of the Rosary.
It preserves the reliquary of the Holy Thorn: in 1265 Charles of Anjou donated to the cathedral of Naples, then under the patronage of the Caracciolo. So it was that after Domenico Caracciolo could transfer the reliquary in Torella as the inscription dated 1676.

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