Church Sant’Antonio


The church stands on the ground where since 1354 there was a small church dedicated to Our Lady, attached to a building that housed the Franciscan monks , replaced in the sixteenth century by a convent . The church suffered extensive damage in the earthquake of 1980 and was consecrated in 2003. The current structure , flanked by the bell tower of the fourteenth century , echoes the setup century . The facade is characterized by a portico with three arches erected by pilatri .
The building houses a number of impressive works of art and sacred objects of great historical value : two fonts of the seventeenth century, three confessional , the wooden stalls , the shrine for the relics , a sink, a silver monstrance of the eighteenth century the pulpit and the altar of the nineteenth century , a painting of the Annunciation ( mid-sixteenth century , the painting of the Crucifixion ( XVI century ) . at the entrance , on the far left , is placed the cenotaph of Peter de Rogatis .

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