Church Montecastello


In 1900 , following a series of dreams in which the Virgin is said to appear , they were initiated the excavations , which were opposed by the prefectural authorities of Sant’Angelo dei Lombardi , but the people continued to dig , helped by the many pilgrims who came from all parts of South Italy .
Finally it built a church that is still a place of pilgrimage . In the old days there was no bridge sull’Isca , but only a ford : then , when the pilgrimage was raining and the river swelled , the farmers were carrying women morresi straddled on either side of the stream . The church was restored soon after the earthquake of 1980. Currently the bell tower was restored by the firm Cipriani , Trevico .
Towards the beginning of 1900 was composed a song that tells the story of the Madonna of Montecastello

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