Cinque Croci in ferro

I remember a mission of the Fathers Liguorini , these replaced in 1949 a wooden cross that stood on top of the Calvary and that was the culmination of the Good Friday procession .
The new wooden cross on Calvary was put back in its place by the Emigrants Morresi 23 August 1989. High 5 meters , iroko wood , it was carved by carpenter Cute Mario Morra . Subsequently Morresi Emigrants have built an iron railing , forged free Nicholas Cicchetti , around the terrace ahead of the Carmelite church . On the occasion of the place , the railing was removed and eventually be placed around the ancient small cemetery next to the church of Carmine , used by morresi least until the Napoleonic edict of Saint Claude in 1804 , and where his sister is buried De Sanctis .

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