Casa Loreto


Casa Loreto is one of the great mansions of the city. In the historic center, a few steps from the Cathedral, from the first half of the eighteenth century, despite evidence of its existence in the second half of the previous century. The property first of which is preserved note referred to the Galante family then moved to De Vito and then the family Loreto, which in recent years has sold the property to the City of Sant’Angelo dei Lombardi.
The building of about 1500 square meters, consists of two raised floors and a basement: the main entrance is the Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, while the opposite side overlooking Via behind the walls, creating an islet own center historic. Several elements of refined taste: a rose window and the entrance from the course, the finely carved balconies, the tiles of the kitchen overlooking the garden and a well, plus a considerable number of indoor environments. After a thorough renovation, Loreto House makes good today the idea of ​​the majestic grandeur of the times that saw the center of the events of the city center.

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