La Capostrada

This road maintained for thousands of years the role of privileged crossroads between the Barony, the valley dell’Ufita and Molise on the one hand and the Ofanto, Puglia and Basilicata other. Tradition has it that from there they passed Hannibal and Spartacus.Historical sources suggest that with the arrival of the Lombards, the road in question took on a significant role in local traffic as the main connection between the steward of Conza and Benevento, which housed the ducal court of reference. There is a chronicle of 1137 which confirms the crucial role of this road at that time: Paul Deacon, librarian Cassinese, describing the journey that the abbot of Montecassino, Rainaldo, accompanied by Pandolfo, bishop of Teano, and large following, faced to go to Melfi and Lagopesole there, where they had been summoned by the Emperor Lothair II and Pope Innocent II, he pointed out that to get to Conza and from there follow the Ofanto chose precisely the Capostrada. When asked older farmers, which would bring a time Capostrada, many respond that led to the Valley or Bisaccia, a few, however, argue that down to “Petri them” in the valley dell’Ufita, the same pointed toward Carife. In fact along the Ufita in tenimento of Frigento, it stands a large rocky hill today referred to as “the Peach” on top of which still stand the battlements of a medieval fortress. This was once referred to as the “Peach of Morra” as a property of a Perretta Morra who gave his name to the local district Perretta.

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