Baronale di Monteverde

It is not easy to know the original structure of the “Castrum Montis Viridis” because of extensive tampering and reconstruction over the centuries. At the time of the Normans, the castle would have appeared as a square or a rectangular shaped tower (the keep or Donjon) with a variable height and tapered walls. With the Frederick establishment in 1231, castles, including Monteverde, underwent extensive repairs and maintenance. During the Aragonese kingdom, the Orsini family took over. At this time the castle included a wide and low cylinder-shaped tower and the walls were strengthened. With the beginning of the Spanish kingdom, the village passed to the Grimaldi family and then to the Caracciolo family.
In 1695, Michele Sangermano bought the fiefdom from the Royal Treasury, for 8500 ducats. In 1744, Giambattista Sangermano built the right wing and placed a plaque on the external loggia, for remembrance. In 1745, Nicholas I Sangermano spent almost all his resources in the construction of the so-called “Palazzina”, a building made by local stone on three levels. It had 17 rooms and was used for the storage of cereals from the manor grounds. As a result of the damage done by an earthquake in 1885, the left wing of the castle was renovated and a new portal was placed at the entrance to the main floor, with an engraving of the date 1888. In 1912, the particular significance of the castle was officially recognised for the first time by the Ministry of Education. Another earthquake in 1930 caused a lot of damage in Monteverde. In 1960, Giuseppe Spirito bought part of the medieval building. Fifty years later, on November 23rd 1980, a further devastating earthquake struck in Upper Irpinia. In 1996 the Municipality purchased the whole castle from the last owners and a new chapter started with its restoration and opening to the public.

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