Martin’s Rooms Pub


The Martin’s Room Pub is the perfect meeting place for lovers of fine beer and good food. The wide range of beers and distillates always allows to enjoy something new and satisfies the most demanding palates. Martin’s offers also a varied menu to meet the taste of every customer.
The Martin‘s Rooms Pub uses exclusively genuine products. The Pub is also a coffee shop and offers the possibility to spend pleasant hours in a friendly environment, where you can drink a excellent coffee or enjoy a hot chocolate. The local arranges evening with live music, karaoke and quiz games; for information, you can visit the Martin’s facebook page.
he most characteristic sandwich on menu is the “Nevis” (homemade bread, sausage, caciocavallo cheese, rocket salad, truffle sauce) served with potato chips. The chef suggest to combine the sandwich with a Belgian beer like “La Biere du Boucanier”.

Piazza Europa, Torella De’ Lombardi, Campania, Italy
Cell.: +39 340 497 7868
Facebook: Martin’s Rooms Pub


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