Resturant Al Giardino

Al Giardino (1)

The Resturant Al Giardino is an oasis of peace and tranquility . The perfect place to stop and enjoy the traditional dishes of Irpinia , the peaceful family of an old country house .
For lovers of tradition , the chef Carlo Pagnotta reserve a tasting of typical products of the generous land of Monteverde as : Sausizz , Supressata and Cascavadd ( sausage , brawn and cheese ) , and Sausizz ov ( fresh sausage and eggs ) , and Ccoria Cotca ( chicory country and pork rind ) , Maccaronar to cu r frecul ( fresh pasta with meat sauce and bread crumbs ) , Mugliatiedd lu sug ( roulades of lamb entrails stuffed with tripe and fresh tomato ) .
Also every night you can enjoy a great pizza also gluten-free .
Fish on reservation .

Via Fontana 4, 83049 – Monteverde (AV)
Cell.: +39 380 5453059
Website: Al Giardino

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