Cuccio chino

Stuffed rabbit.
For lovers of white meat a delicacy throughout Irpinia.

For the rabbit:
1 whole rabbit
10 eggs
250 grams of cheese
pepper to taste
For the sauce:
peeled tomatoes

The padding is done under the skin of the rabbit after separating the same from the meat by introducing the hand between the two elements beginning with the animal’s belly. Created a sort of bag, it proceeds to fill it with a mixture previously prepared with 10 eggs, 250 grams aged cheese, finely chopped parsley and livers. Filled the entire bag, it proceeds to give the necessary stitches so that the padding does not spill out during cooking. Then brown in a low, wide pan the rabbit to close the pores in order to preserve, during subsequent cooking (at least three hours), the “status” of the meat inside the padding. Put the rabbit in a large pot, with chopped onions previously browned and tomatoes. Serve Hot!
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