Monumental Fountain


TIn place of the fountain there was a public which consisted of a tub to collect, through pipelines, the spring water from the “gardens of the Prince”. In early documents’ 800 there was talk of a contract to repair the “Fountain City”, entrusted in 1823 to the brothers De Cicco. They conferred the new structure, the result of a complex architectural and plumbing work. The monument has three arches, limestone, round arches and is on two levels: first, behind sturdy stone arches, insist four long public wash houses, placed in an area covered with barrel vaults. The upper level is uncovered and is paved with polished stone; are placed along the wall of mouths with masks, each throwing water in his bath, here the women came to occupy the ” connuto ” (sink) to do the washing. Once the center of life of the small town at the foot of the castle, today, however, is on the periphery, far from the most thoroughfares.

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