Church San Vito

Chiesa San Vito

Each family in the area on his way with the sacrifice of the valley of Candriano to collect sand and transport it, with his donkey, being built on the site of the chapel. Some able men, went around to get the stones needed for lime, others dug the foundations. The church now stands on an ancient structure of beginning ‘900. Following the earthquake of 1980 he also had no coverage and has only recently been restored. At the bottom there is a marble altar containing some engraved letters and the date 1921; apse there is the niche of the saint. The facade with eardrum is stone and travertine portal there is an oval window. Lintel is inscribed with this inscription: “This temple in S. Vito martyr erected with offering of the faithful of this country on the ground offered by Giuseppe Iorio”. The feast of St. Vitus has its customs and traditions on Christmas Eve for more than 80 years you start the usual procession preceded by the statue of the saint and a fanfare of musicians.

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