Prodotti Tipici Sant’Angelo dei Lombardi

Given the country’s geographical location, the kitchen of Sant’Angelo reflects the peculiarities of the country tradition of small towns appennici. The dishes are based therefore the culinary tradition of the inland areas and foothills, with first courses of homemade pasta, soups with legumes and cereals, vegetables and fruits in season; pigmeat occupy a prominent place, the variant worked as in the case of brawn. The most representative dishes are those prepared on the occasion of religious festivals: the ‘menestra maretata’, chicory soup and various parts of swine origin, is the Easter season; Christmas is instead the inevitable ‘stockfish pertecaregna’, cod fillets boiled, seasoned and surrounded by peppers bran. Agricultural production and livestock are mostly family-run, as well as those of dairy milk, cheese, cottage cheese and cow’s milk cheeses. Of particular value is the production of Carmasciano: cheese, named after the area which includes the territories of six municipalities in the valley Ansanto, is a cheese with distinctive organoleptic characteristics. The sulfur fumes of the mephitic give the cheese a unique flavor, whose survival is linked to the production of a few families. And ‘yet in place an action on the part of authorities and indeed aim to get manufacturers to Carmasciano the PGI.
Even the wine production of the area is family run, and sees the creation of red vines of Aglianico, Sangiovese and Merlot, while whites come from vineyards of Moscato and Coda di Volpe.

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