Zì Nicolina


For ninety years the family-run restaurant Zì Nicolina combines the traditional cuisine of Irpinia and the naturalness of its foods with love and attention to its customers. Among the restaurant’s specialties, always prepared using the finest ingredients, you can try: married soup, soup of chicory, grass-pea soup, beans with pork rind, migliazza, dry cocozza, ravioli, marcannali, trilli and orecchiette, fried pork, grilled lamb, cod to perticaregna, salt cod and potatoes arraganati.
A journey to discover the most authentic flavors of Campania awaits you!

Via XXIII Luglio, 83044 – Bisaccia (AV)
Tel.: +39 0827 89866
Cell.: +39 334 1254493
Website: Zì Nicolina
E-mail: nino.ricciardi@hotmail.it


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