Civic Museum of Bisaccia

In May 2009, the Civic Museum of Bisaccia was opened to the public on the ground floor of the Ducal Castle. The permanent exhibition “Alle origini degli Irpini” holds finds dating back to the first and second Iron Age related to the Oliveto Citra-Cairano culture.
The exhibition offers a window on the history of the Irpina and Bisaccese communities through a chronological journey made up of several funerary objects from 50 pit graves out of the 150 tombs that were discovered during excavations that were carried out under the guidance of Professor Giancarlo Bailo Modesto on the hill of the Old Cemetery, located in the western side of the historical centre of the city.
The exhibits are located in three rooms of the museum and we can appreciate the evolution of the community that had settled in the territory through the increasingly advanced manufacturing techniques used.
Among the most significant items we can find are the large pitcher with its double cone shape characteristic of the early Iron Age; rounded earthenware pots used for food (known as olla), which
defined the owner’s social status, dating back to the last quarter of the eighth century B. C.; and different types of brooches.
Inside the museum one of the most important tombs, that of the so-called “Princess” was reproduced, at a scale of 1:1. Its rich collection consists of objects and rare value jewelry such as amber necklaces, bronze pendants, numerous brooches and inflected arch bracelets.
In addition to the information panels and captions, the visitor gain information through the continuous projection of a 3D animated video reconstructing the primitive proto-historic settlement with scenes from everyday life.

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